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About Us

Mind Science operates as a community of experts and practitioners, all of whom enjoy the challenge of organisational problem-solving and are dedicated to making a difference. The organisation was set up in 2019 by Rebecca McKeown, a Chartered Psychologist with over 15 years of experience in using psychology to solve business problems.

Rebecca was awarded her MSc in Applied Psychology at Cranfield University in 2004 and went on to successfully deliver a wide range of projects for governments, regulators and industry both nationally and internationally – including Airbus, the Defence Centre of Training Support, Qatar Airways, the UK Civil Aviation Authority, and the Ministry of Defence.  In addition to delivering client project work, Rebecca worked as a Lecturer in Applied Psychology.  To provide a high quality education  for her students, Rebecca carried out research into learning and development in adult education to inform her practice.  She continues to use the results of this research to design and deliver innovative learning approaches embedded in enjoyable and well-constructed programmes for Mind Science.

Rebecca is also an experienced Assessor for both selection and development Assessment Centres and works for a range of corporate clients to support their recruitment processes.  In addition to this, Rebecca has 15 years experience of Executive Coaching and career guidance. She takes a person-centred approach to her coaching sessions and tailors her methods according to the requirements of each individual. She also has excellent interpersonal skills which enable her to ensure that her coaching sessions are effective in both understanding and meeting her client’s needs.

To ensure that Mind Science clients receive the best possible service, Rebecca works with suitably qualified and trusted experts and practitioners from a range of disciplines.

Dr David Reindorp MPhil, FCMI

David is an expert in strategy development, strategic leadership and critical thinking.  He began his working life in banking but then joined the Royal Navy where he commanded warships, developed strategies, designed crisis response plans, and developed and led high-performing teams capable of delivering success in the most demanding circumstances.  He is now the Executive Director of Decision Praxis and has recently worked with clients from industry, government and the 3rd sector.

Karen Tidswell MSc, CPsychol, AFBPsS, MAC, ISCP, CHPC

Karen is a Chartered Business and Coaching Psychologist. She is an Accredited Master Executive Coach with over 20 years of coaching leaders from the public and private sectors.  She uses her broad range of expertise in coaching, psychology and neuroscience to enable leaders to identify the brain and behavioural changes that will unlock their individual potential to be agile and effective leaders. 

Mind Science – Clear Thinking for a Complex World


Rebecca has changed the way our business operates on a daily basis. She has formed a new strategy for all teams to ‘think differently’ and change our methods to run leaner and more agile.

Christian Redecen-Davies