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Your Processes

Processes underpin every business regardless of industry or sector and if they are inefficient and ineffective will have a bearing on your products and services, your reputation with your customers and your market share, not to mention your profits and staffing costs. Having said this, organisations are not just driven by processes but also the people – at Mind Science we treat the system as a whole because without fully understanding the interaction between people and the process it is difficult to get to the root causes of any problems. 

Mind Science experts will tailor our analytical toolkit to suit your specific circumstances then evaluate your current processes and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) against your organisational goals.  Using the results of this analysis, we will identify any bottlenecks and barriers, help you redesign your processes and develop an action plan for implementation. By putting the putting the behaviour and needs of the people at the centre of focus, we can help reduce resistance to change and discord within your workforce and improve motivation by encouraging acceptance and engagement with the plan.  We will also work with you to ensure that the your KPIs reflect actual performance, providing accurate insight into the way your business and your people are working, enabling effective strategic and operational planning.

Case Study:

A Government department needed to make changes to the way they delivered mandatory training to save costs without losing efficiency and effectiveness. Their current processes and metrics were assessed and reviewed against psychological principles of learning and good practice in training delivery. Using bespoke tools and a whole system approach, we were able to identify the root issues.  A series of recommendations were made across three key elements – the learner, the instructor and the organisation, and included a change transition plan. The results enabled the client to revise their procedures, maximise training opportunities to reduce costs and improve the capability of their workforce.

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Rebecca has changed the way our business operates on a daily basis. She has formed a new strategy for all teams to ‘think differently’ and change our methods to run leaner and more agile.

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