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Your People

People are a critical component of any business and developing your workforce can maximise business performance and prevent the loss of expertise through high staff turnover.

Mind Science specialise in designing programmes that challenge traditional assumptions about learning and development.  We recognise that most learning takes place on-the-job so create value for money by reducing spend on generic ‘death by PowerPoint’ training which fails to hit the mark.  Our collaborative coaching and mentoring approaches ensure the transfer of training to the workplace by tailoring learning to each individual’s set of circumstances.

We offer Continuing Professional Development in the following business skills:

  • Adaptive Expertise: This course helps develop the fundamental attributes required to build a high-performance workforce; improving situational awareness, problem solving and decision-making.  This programme also gives an insight into how work relationships influence our thoughts and behaviour, and the way we communicate – vital for building trust and successful collaboration in the workplace. Importantly, we also help you apply these skills in your day-to-day role. 


  • Business Research: The focus of this programme is on the gathering and analysis of scientifically robust information and data. The results of good business research provide an accurate insight into the way the business operates, enabling effective strategic and operational planning and the design of processes and appropriate metrics.
  • Managing and Leading Change: Learn to use a structured approach to implement change within your business. Identify barriers and enablers, create practical solutions and ensure buy-in from your staff. We can deliver this programme as a series of learning events, or we can take a mentored approach and support you whilst you deliver a change programme yourself.
  • The ‘New to Management’ Programme: This programme is ideal for Managers and Supervisors who have had little or no formal management training. We dispel some of the myths around management practice and enable your employees to recognise their strengths and develop their ability to adapt to the changes and challenges they encounter in the workplace. 

All of our programmes are flexible and can be tailored to fit your business needs and your budget.  Please contact us to discuss how best we can support you in developing your workforce.

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Rebecca has changed the way our business operates on a daily basis. She has formed a new strategy for all teams to ‘think differently’ and change our methods to run leaner and more agile.

Christian Redecen-Davies