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Your Strategy

Your business may have reached a stage in its development when it becomes clear that some form of change is needed.  It might be that your business is booming, and you are ready to expand but are not sure of the best way to go about it.  Conversely, you may find that progress has slowed, and you are not getting where you want to be but cannot work out why.  We help executives, senior managers, directors, board members and trustees of large and small organisations, across all sectors, to achieve their change-related goals, in both business-as-usual and crisis situations.

For clients who are looking to change the way they do business to improve performance whilst decreasing risk, we offer a Strategy Decision Development service.  We will help you not only make the optimal decisions but ensure your solutions work together and remain in balance, thus maximising the likelihood of successfully achieving the desired change.  

Our Maximising Decision Performance service is ideal for clients who seek to improve decision making in their organisation.  We help you explore and understand why errors in decision making occur, how they can become endemic, and how they can be addressed by adopting critical and agile thinking techniques and behaviours.  

If your business is being challenged by an emerging crisis, we offer our Crisis Decision service.  Here we use all the techniques, tools and experience at our disposal to help you make the necessary decisions to overcome the crisis in the shortest possible time, restoring stability and security in your business.

Our innovative, human-centred approach will enable you to have confidence that your business will deliver better performance and a more secure future. 

Case Study

A FTSE 100 Facilities Management company were looking to improve performance at a time when the organisation was facing significant challenges in driving the business forward.

Using our bespoke analytical toolkit, the Executive team were able to fully explore the circumstances they found themselves in and identify the issues they faced.  We proposed new decision-making processes and mentored the team as they redeveloped their business strategy.   Our independent yet collaborative approach meant we were able to rigorously test and revise their strategy and facilitate implementation of an organisational development plan.  Six months later, the business was making good progress towards its corporate objectives having reduced risk and increased performance. 

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Rebecca has changed the way our business operates on a daily basis. She has formed a new strategy for all teams to ‘think differently’ and change our methods to run leaner and more agile.

Christian Redecen-Davies